Couples continue despite social distancing

Scott Reckers | Staff Writer

Holding sanitized hands, this quarantine won’t be the demise of MHS couples.

Lovebirds of Mason are still finding a way to be together during the pandemic. Whether it be long FaceTime calls, leaving a surprise on a doorstep, or going for a hike in the woods the couples are doing all they can to stay in each other’s lives.

Seniors Sydney Engelbert and Camden Kirzner have been dating for about a year and a half and they won’t let this pandemic end their relationship. The couple is using FaceTime to stay connected. Engelbert believes that they may even come out of the pandemic knowing each other even better than before.

“We do virtual dates,” Engelbert said. “We FaceTime, and watch a movie together or eat lunch or go on a walk. I call him a lot more in quarantine because there is no school work or anything. But I have seen a more emotional side of him, I’ve seen a lot more of his soft, affectionate side than usual.”

On top of the quarantine struggles, having a job that is considered essential can add more hoops to jump through. Seniors Tommy Young and Sheridan Barry both have essential jobs and have been getting a lot more hours than usual. But both of their parents are letting them see each other, so instead of using the app their Facetime is real face time.

“I work at Target and she works at a senior living center so that keeps us fairly busy right now,” Young said. “Both of our families have agreed to let us see each other during lock down as long as it’s just us and we don’t go anywhere with other people there. We don’t see each other for long periods of time, and usually like 2-3 times a week. We both have jobs that are considered necessary [so] it can be hard to find time.”

Engelbert has a positive outlook on the whole situation. As she and Kirzner are both seniors, they are starting a new chapter next year at college. But not everybody’s path is the same and the couple found themselves going to different schools next fall.

“I think the pandemic has affected our relationship positively,” Engelbert said. “We are both going to different colleges next year. I’m going to Miami and he’s going to UC (University of Cincinnati), so this quarantine is getting us acclimated to not seeing each other as much as we were used to.”

Before Young and Barry go to college they’re making the most of the quarantine. A park is just about the only place you can go with most of Ohio locked down, so that is exactly what the couple is doing, enjoying the world around them.

“We are doing a lot more outdoors stuff,” Young said. “It’s almost like we are talking less on the phone and more face to face. We’ve gone to Red River Gorge, hiking, and biking. If anything, the quarantine is making our relationship better. With there not really being school or AP tests and all the online remote learning it’s a lot less stressful. It’s almost like the start of summer early.”

Photo contributed by Tommy Young.