Students use quarantine to practice video-gaming skills

Alana Amaya | Staff Writer

Whether it’s binging Netflix or video games, teens are looking for activities to keep them busy during quarantine.

While the immense popularity of Fortnite was beginning to fade, many have decided to pick up the game once again. Although his preference may be set on other games, Freshman Will Murphy plays Fortnite the most because it allows him to have a connection with his friends.

“The only reason this is the game everyone is getting back on to is that it’s one of the few games that allows cross-platform,” Murphy said. “I have a few friends with a PC or a PS4, but we can still play together if we’re playing Fortnite. To be honest, I would rather play 2K instead, but Fortnite is the only game I can play with my friends who are on different consoles.”

Playing this game for so many hours a day increases the skills of its players, such as Freshman Aidan Schramm. Schramm said he feels as though his skill level has greatly improved because of the extra time he now has to play the game.

“It has definitely made me a better player and being better at the game makes it much more fun,” Schramm said. “It’s not a game where you can buy weapons or upgrades with real money to make you better, it’s pure skill.”

While sophomore Nick Hawk is aware of how much more time he has been spending on video games, he is not concerned. For him, these hours are worthwhile because of the enjoyment he gets out of playing.

“I play eight to nine hours a day now, while I used to only play a couple of hours on weekdays and four on weekends,” Hawk said. “I also don’t think it’s a waste of time because it’s the only thing I can do while I’m being quarantined and it’s what I love to do, so it’s never a waste of time for me.”

Murphy said he sees playing Fortnite as an unproductive, yet fun way to kill time. However, he said he ensures to make his schoolwork a higher priority.

“I would call it a waste of time, but they’re also aren’t that many productive things to be done with all this staying inside,” said Murphy. “I think it’s not too bad as long as it’s not over school stuff.”

Staying in touch with friends while not being able to leave the house can be difficult, according to Murphy. Murphy believes he wouldn’t be talking as much to his friends without Fortnite.

“Fortnite definitely helps me stay in touch with my friends,” Murphy said. “I usually don’t Facetime my friends or anything, so being on Fortnite is really the time that we can all be together and talk. Also, getting a win together feels really good.”

Photo contributed by Will Murphy.