Library and fire levies pass in May primaries

Danni Simms | Staff Writer

The primary on May 4, 2010 resulted in the approval of two issues specific to Warren County, as well as the nomination of several incumbent and new candidates. In Ohio’s closed primary, citizens can vote for one party’s ballot in order to select candidates for the general election in November; they also vote on national and local issues that show up on every ballot, regardless of party affiliation.New to the elections this year was the ability to request ballots for the Green, Constitution, Libertarian and Socialist parties. According to The Enquirer the change was the result of a 2008 Ohio Appeals Court ruling and a 2009 directive by Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner.

One local issue on the ballots was the library tax, which passed with 57.67 percent of the votes in its favor. Director of the Mason Public Library Sarah Brown said the owner of a $100,000 house will pay $22.96 in taxes as a result of the levy, which may extend library hours.

“The first thing I’m sure the [library] board will want to do is get back to where [it] was before [cuts] in October 2009,” Brown said. “We need to reinstate hours, [make] money available for purchasing new materials and…[institute more hours] for staff.”

The Deerfield Township fire tax levy, which passed by 2,014 votes, will result in an increase in taxes that will account for costs that arose after the restructuring of the fire department, according to The Western Star newspaper. The owner of a $100,000 home will pay an additional $85.76 in taxes, according to Warren County Auditor Nick Nelson.

Also as a result of the primaries, in Ohio’s second district, the candidates running for the House of Representatives in November will be Republican Jean Schmidt and Democrat Surya Yalamanchili. In District Three, the candidates for House will be Republican Mike Turner and Democrat Mark MacNealy.