MHS grad wins app creation contest – Web Exclusive

Janie Simonton | Online Editor

MHS students will never have to miss another concert again. That is, if they download ConcertEverywhere, the new computer application invented by 2010 MHS graduate Suprasanna Mishra.According to Mishra, the app is technologically wired to ensure people don’t miss their favorite concerts.

“ConcertEverywhere, will crawl through your iTunes library, figure out your favorite artists – based on [factors such as] ratings and play-counts – and inform you in advance when those artists are going to be in town,” Mishra said. “Basically, it’ll make sure you never miss a concert again and will also help you avoid overpaying for last minute concert tickets by keeping you informed well in advance.”

Mishra said the application was something he invented through the Cincinnati Innovates competition.

“I heard about the Cincinnati Innovates competition from someone I’ve done business with in the past,” Mishra said. “The contest was actually really easy to enter; you just need an idea in your head – no working demo or prototype even needed. I submitted a brief description of the idea and that was really it. When I became a finalist, [though,] I had to create a pitch to present to Cincytech, the venture capital firm that funded my prize [of $10,000].”

Mishra, who said he has also started a website design company, Kite5, said he plans for the availability of the app to be widespread.

“The app will be available to everyone who uses iTunes across Windows and Mac,” Mishra said. “[But] we’re looking to expand into other music players in the future, [like] Zune and Windows Media Player.”

When asked of his inspiration behind creating the app, Mishra said he has a variety of motivators.

“Inspiration is interesting because it seems to constantly need replenishing,” Mishra said. “I usually turn to nonfiction if I need a bit of inspiration; most recently, I’ve read 4 Hour Workweek [by Timothy Ferriss] and It’s Not about the Bike by Lance Armstrong. I also admire Richard Branson; he’s about as ideal of an entrepreneur as you can be, in my opinion.”