Letters to the Editor – 10/29

Tri-County’s Youth Escort Policy a bad business move
I cannot believe a mall would ever put in an age limit to be able to walk around alone. …I do not see why a mall would hurt their business like this. Most of the customers they get will be kids walking around with their friends, and with this rule in place, the kids aren’t allowed to be in the mall. In my opinion, all this is doing is [decreasing profits of] the shops inside the mall and is actually hurting them. …All I see this doing is turning people away [to go] to [the] Kenwood mall instead of Tri-County Mall.
-Adam Prater, freshman

Band deserves more credit
“From Pigskins to Plooms” was an inspiring article to read. …I am personally not a part of the marching band, but I have seen just how much hard work and dedication they put in each and every day. I give those kids a ton of credit for what they do. …I have gained a lot of respect for those kids who choose the harder path in pursuit to do what they love.
-Lynn Kelly, freshman

Strength program enriched by female trainer
Thank you for calling attention to the female strength trainer. This being the first time in Mason High School history is a big deal. …The way the male trainer and female trainer run things and their techniques for training might be different, but they both have interests in better advancing the student athletes.
-Rachel Haynes, freshman

Cafeteria changes are for the better
I agree with some of the changes in the cafeteria because [the lunch staff is] trying to help us [have] better choices to eat. …The biggest problem for many students is the cookies. …I’m not sure why this is such a big deal because it’s still a cookie; the size is just different. If you want more cookie than the regular size, you can buy another one. Another thing that the cafeteria has done is [it has] reduced the portion of the meals… [which isn’t] changing the food at all, just how much you eat. …The lunch staff is just trying to get us to eat a healthier lunch.
-Lauren Jeffers, freshman

Too much focus on carrot vending machine
To be quite honest, I don’t understand why you wrote the article about the baby carrot vending machines. Why put more spotlight on the carrot vending machines when they already have too [much]? First of all, they seem like a big waste of money for the school and the students. …In my opinion, the school should have a variety of healthy foods, especially since lots of kids (including me) don’t like carrots. …In addition, if the school really wanted to enourage kids to eat healthier, they should really get rid of…other unhealthy junk foods. …I don’t feel the need for vending machines that sell carrots at our school.
-Sammy Besse, freshman

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