MBC Report: Reds’ sports broadcaster Marty Brennaman

Corinne Hazen | MBC Reporter for thecspn.com

He never played the game, but for some, he is the most famous member of the Cincinnati Reds. He is baseball Hall of Famer and Reds’ radio announcer Marty Brennaman. Brennaman got his start in baseball broadcasting games 42 years ago for the New York Mets affiliate in Norfolk, Virginia.

“I was essentially working in the business eight or nine years before I got the opportunity to come to Cincinnati to broadcast Reds baseball,” Brennaman said.

In 1974, Marty began working alongside Joe Nuxhall a partnership that lasted 31 years. According to Brennaman, being successful partners in the broadcasting booth can depend highly on the chemistry between the two broadcasters.

“We knew each other so well that I could stop a sentence in the middle of it and he could finish it and vise-versa,” Brennaman said.

While together, Brennaman and Nuxhall developed slogans that have endured for years. Phrases such as, “Rounding third and heading for home…” as well as “This one belongs to the Reds!” are permanently enshrined on both sides of Great American Ballpark.

Brennaman is a member of baseball’s most prestigious fraternity. He was inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame seven years ago.

“In my business, there is no higher calling than being in the broadcasters’ wing of the Hall of Fame,” Brennaman said.

Along with his induction into the Hall of Fame in 2005, Brennaman was presented with the Ford C. Frick award in 2000 for his contributions to baseball. The award is named for Ford Christopher Frick, who was the former Commissioner of Major League Baseball. Brennaman encourages those who want to follow in his steps, but warns them that the road to broadcasting success is a challenging one.

“I think the guys who are successful are the fellas who get out of school and they find a job and they perfect their craft and they are patient, they aren’t in a hurry to get there,” Brennaman said.

Another fond memory for Brennaman was when he began sharing the booth with his son Thom. Thom joined the Reds television broadcasting family in 2006.

“I’ve been truly blessed in this job and being in this town,” Brennaman said. “If I had the right to go back and plot each and every step along the way I don’t think I’d change anything.”

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