Column: Is it actually cooler to be a Christian? – Web Exclusive

Julia Halpin | Editor Intern

Parents always talk to you about the “dangers” of high school — the peer pressure to drink, smoke, use any kind of illegal drug you can get your hands on, etc., is imbedded into teenagers’ minds as the pressures that are going to attack them as they walk in the building. While these pressures are still there, something else has swept over MHS with the beginning of this year: Christianity. Young Life shirts, all the invites to various youth groups, Athlete Impact on Wednesday nights; when walking our hallways, there seems to be an overwhelming amount of well, Christians. If you’re not an attendee of these “Christian events,” are you asking yourself, ‘Is it actually cooler to be a Christian?’ Instead of being asked to parties where these so called “dangers” are the norm, we’re being asked to places where they won’t be any drinking, smoking, or drugs. The question isn’t ‘will you have a beer?’ it’s ‘will you go to church with me?’

Quite a change, I would say.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not just being ignorant. I know there are plenty of other faiths and ways of thinking within the walls of Mason High School, but these days Christianity is the star of the show while the others are merely background singers. Not to put other belief systems on the back burner, but there is definitely something to be said about more and more kids in our school attending Christian events. Our parents can stop with the lectures because maybe, now kids want to do the right thing. Maybe, now, it really is cool to be a Christian.

Though I may be biased on this subject, being a Christian most of my life, the idea of students opting not to go to that wild party Friday night is surprisingly refreshing. (Call me a “goody two-shoes” if you want.) In my mind, even if others disagree with Christianity, or are the ones who enjoy partaking in what some people would call, “bad things,” it’s still cool to have a faith in something.

Believing in something, now that’s a little better compared to what our parents seem to expect out of us. Living for something that’s more than yourself, even if it’s not Christianity, is something to smile about. It’s nothing more than a depressing way of life to think that we were put here for no apparent reason. So those who find the constant Facebook statuses about Young Life annoying, you can disagree with me on this one. Keep doing whatever you think will fulfill your need to be accepted by the people around you.

And if it really is “cool” to be a Christian, so be it. The popular thing will change as fast as Silly Bandz came and went. No matter If you’re a Christian or not, the coolest thing is that you have a belief in something that you view, is more important than yourself. Way to be, MHS.

*Halpin is a Pump It Up employee and an active Young Life participant; her favorite color is yellow and she is a retired swimmer and water polo player. Halpin loves takeout Chinese food and that just-been-painted-room smell.
“I aspire to be Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls,” Halpin said. “Except for the blue eyes.”