PREVIEW: Girls’ swimmings

Katelyn Cain | Staff Writer

The girls’ varsity swimming team should be swimming laps around their competition this year, according to senior Mary Faye Cicero.

“We lost a lot of seniors last year but we still have strong underclassmen; we have a lot of depth.  I’m expecting us to do well this season,” Cicero said. “We should win GMCs, place well at Districts, [but] it’s hard to say how we’ll do at State, because some people might have good District swims [and] not swim well at State.”

Head coach Mark Sullivan said that he doesn’t know how realistic it is for the team to place in the top three at State.

“For the last couple years, we’ve had very successful seasons. We’ve come in the top five at State for four years, so we need to continue that this season,” Sullivan said. “We graduated a really strong group of seniors and they’re going to be really hard to replace, but I think we’ve got a good nucleus this year to help fill those holes. I think our big goal is to try to come in the top ten [at State, but] I don’t [know] if it’s realistic to make it back into the top five this year because we’re pretty young.”

Cicero said that the only competition in the GMC the team needs to watch out for is Sycamore.

“We’ve been in the GMC for four years and we’ve won it [every year] so far, and the only other competition we have is Sycamore; and they lost one of [their] good swimmers last year—Alex Norris,” Cicero said. “So I think that our team is still strong enough to win against Sycamore again.”

Sophomore Emily Faas said that the team’s strongest point is relays and divers.

“Our relays are probably the core of our team, and our diving team is really good,” Faas said. “They’re what give us the most points at State.”

According to Sullivan, although the team stands out in diving and relays, the team is overall very well-rounded.

“The biggest thing that our team has always had is a tremendous amount of depth in every event,” Sullivan said. “Right now, we’ve got fifty girls on the team which is a very large girls’ squad, so depth is going to be our strong point, but overall we’re going to be solid in pretty much every event this year.”

Other than winning the GMC, Cicero said that the team needs to focus on becoming closer.

“We want to try to focus on team bonding this year,” Cicero said. “We’re looking forward to becoming closer as a girls’ team, because when it comes down to line-up time, where there [are] going to be [a lot] of decisions made, we just want to make sure that we come together as a team, because that’s how you win meets. It’s an individual sport, but when it comes to winning meets, you need teammates.”