Letters to the Editor – 12/3

Free Inquiry Group not only for athiests
[I]n response to the recent article in the paper about our group, …it was certainly helpful in getting the word out about us, but it had some inaccuracies that we’d like to correct. …The article simplified [our group] to just “a club of atheist students,” which gave off an image of exclusivity. …We accept anyone who wants to discuss ideas and provide a forum for the inclusion and examination of all ideas. While the article mentions this, it does so only hidden at the end of the article and coupled with the misleading title. …[Also,] the group has no president or leadership roles, and everyone is considered a “member.”
-Jesse Cherubini, senior
David Mamedov, senior
Max Tucker, senior

Power Balance Bands a scam
Wait, some of you really believe that place of rubber with a hologram in the middle of it will give you better balance? Or that a piece of rope tied around your neck will speed up recovery time and speed fatigue? Great! Come by my room and I’ll sell you a pencil with special lead in it…that’ll increase your mental acuity on tests. …Sheesh, use your brains, people.
-Kurt Dinan, Language Arts teacher

Grief best handled in person
People can often and frequently use Facebook [as] a place to grieve and express their thoughts and/or beliefs. Ever since the loss of a loved MHS student, the amount of grief on Facebook has grown tremendously. Although you may get some of your emotions out there to share with others who are feeling what you are feeling, …in person, …you could probably get more out by talking.
-Hannah Maxwell, freshman

10-Year Plan ideal, but not completely realistic
The 10-Year Plan is very ambitious, but [the school] will most likely not obtain every goal that it has set. Some of the goals, if the program is handled correctly, will be able to be achieved. …But, also, for each of these goals, it’s up to the students whether it will happen or not. …If this 10-Year Plan works as it plans to and achieves its goals and more, MHS will see great improvement in an already better-than-average school.
-Jared Kohler, freshman

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