Raising the bar: Girls

Comet basketball teams have added motivation as teams prepare for the tip-off of 2010-11 season…

James Nosek | Staff Writer

Photo by Rebekah Barnes

In the locker room after last year’s one-point loss to Walnut Hills in the District Championship, the girls’ varsity basketball team’s seniors were given the opportunity to express their feelings about their season and their high school careers, according to head coach Rob Matula.

“[The seniors] challenged the younger kids to go farther [to] reach that goal [of winning the state championship],” Matula said.

Junior Brianna Glover said she would describe the locker room after the game as a tense and disappointing atmosphere but the team got over the loss.

“After a while, we realized how [well] our season went and we just forgot about the game,” Glover said. “We [also] realized that we were going to miss each other.”

But this year, the team doesn’t intend to end the season with a loss, according to Matula, who said that making it only to the District Championship does not fulfill the team’s goal to make it to State and ultimately win State.

“[It’s] getting to the point where we’re not satisfied with [only making it to Districts],” Matula said.

With last year’s loss behind them, Matula said the team is looking forward to the 2010-2011 season with a new focus on the team’s attitude that he calls “restoring the green and white.”

According to Matula, “restoring the green and white” means playing as a team and representing the school in a positive way.

In addition to more school pride, Matula said he has also stressed a focus on strong team chemistry and the Comets have spent the off-season trying to become very team-oriented.

“[As] a team, we’re going to focus on becoming a very cohesive unit,” Matula said.

Senior point-guard and four-year varsity player Sarah Hunter said that having everybody on the team focus on one ultimate goal that will help the team be more successful.

“[The team] has to be on the same page [this year],” Hunter said. “Everyone’s goals [last year] were at different spots.”

Matula said he hopes this year the team can take on a new identity; they plan to be more aggressive and play a more high-paced basketball game. With a talented team and a deep bench, Matula said he believes the girls can convert to this more fast-paced game.

“We want to run the ball up and down the floor,” Matula said. “Defensively, we need to be able to press and play at a high tempo [all the time].”

The Comets will be lead by Hunter and Glover, and Matula said he hopes that both step up as continual leaders.

According to Matula, Hunter’s seniority will place her in a strong leadership role.

“[The team] needs her to be a leader on the team,” Matula said. “[The coaches] need her to get us into offense, break down a defense and distribute [the basketball].”

“[Making it to Districts] is not what we want,” Matula said. “We want at some point to hang another state championship banner in the gym.”