PREVIEW: Competition cheerleading

Joseph Spencer | Staff Writer

The Mason Competition Cheerleading team looks to keep winning this year, despite its switch in competition level, according to junior Katy Nicholas. 

“We are switching to regular floor cheer to compete with more schools of high caliber,” Nicholas said.

The team’s switch in competition is a major one in competitive cheer, according to Nicholas.  She said they are switching from the springboard mat competition to normal gym floor.  This switch will make is harder for the girls to perform their stunts, because they will not have the extra pop in their jumps from the mat, according to Nicholas

“We want to try and win as many competitions as possible,” Nicholas said. “We strive to find out what we need to win.”

While she said the team needs to adapt to the new competition, Nicholas also said she is confident that it will have a successful season due to its senior leadership.

“Seniors Katie Vanover, Whitney Simmons and Annie Ruedger are our senior leaders on the floor and will lead us in the switch in competition,” Nicholas said.