Raising the bar: Boys

Comet basketball teams have added motivation as teams prepare for the tip-off of the 2010-11 season…

Katelyn Cain | Staff Writer

The boys’ varsity basketball team is taking a shot. According to head coach Greg Richards, the team’s main goal is winning the GMC.

“[Winning the GMC] has never been done [by us] since we joined the league,” Richards said. “It’ll be a tough task because the league is extremely competitive and Princeton [has] won the league for the last few years. We’ve got a tough battle to get through, but we’ve worked hard to get there so far.”

Despite the fact that Mason finished last season tied for sixth place in the league, Richards said that the team has worked very hard and has a good shot of winning the title because of the team’s extensive pre-season workouts, which started in early September.

“We’ve tried to intensify our fall workouts,” Richards said. “Coach Carl Richburg puts the guys through really strenuous workouts and, hopefully, that will pay off. The guys have worked extremely hard; they’ve definitely worked harder this pre-season than they did last, so I think that’ll give us an advantage.”

Junior Darin Harris, a forward, said that this year the preseason workouts have been a lot harder and they have implemented new routines.

“We’ve had longer and harder lifting workouts and we’ve been running a lot more,” Harris said. “We’re going to be in a lot better shape than last season.”

Senior Parker Raffel said that many new things were implemented into this preseason.

“We did new sprint, …shooting…and conditioning workouts,” Raffel said. “We also did a lifting program from Miami University, and…Richburg brought that over.”

Richards said that this season he hopes there will be more of a balance between defense and offense.

“We’ve always been known for our defensive ability, but this year we have four or five guys returning that almost average double figures [in points per game], so I hope that we can have a balance,” Richards said.

Harris said that this year the team has more height and is in better shape than last season.

“We’re definitely taller and more athletic this year, so hopefully that will be a good thing and help us offensively and defensively,” Harris said.

Richards said that the guys have come together well as a team and won’t have one guy leading them.

“Everyone has stepped up, and instead of one guy leading us, everyone’s going to have a voice,” Richards said.

According to Richards, despite the fact that the team is headed in the right direction, the team still has room for improvement.

“Our ball-handling is suspect; we definitely need to work on handling the basketball,” Richards said.”

But Richards said the team has another goal, one that must be accomplished.

“Our main goal is to win the GMC,” Richards said. “We want to work hard and get to that level. We finished third one year, fourth one year and fifth one year, and that’s not acceptable.”