Letters to the Editor – 1/14

Blue dots enhance high school experience
I feel like [talking to others] is a very important part of high school. …Some people feel very alone and feel like there is no one they can talk to that will listen. …Most teens won’t talk to someone because they like to keep it to themselves, but it’s good to get out there and talk with not only counselors, but your teachers too. …Teachers actually care. The blue dots show that.
– Christina Tomondi, freshman

CONNECT club fills much-needed void
[CONNECT] is a great way for people to relate to what they are feeling with each other. …You can share things with each other that maybe you couldn’t share with a friend or a counselor because…having someone who knows what you mean is a great way to feel comfortable. …It is great that someone has finally stepped up and noticed that…a high school like MHS that is full of a variety of people needed…a club like this. …For a student in MHS to have this opportunity… to feel support is something that not all students at other high schools get.
– Maria Fuentes, freshman

Surveillance cameras helpful, yet invasive
I think the surveillance cameras are a great idea. They are useful for reporting crimes. …It’s a great way to maintain order throughout the school because the cameras are visible. Kids know they’re there, so they have to be on their best behavior at all times or they could get in trouble for their actions. On the other side, …kids can’t joke around without getting in trouble. …Our school is safe, so I don’t think we need…a large network of [surveillance cameras].
– Ilaria Tedoldi, freshman

Varsity letter jackets should be cherished
Having a letter makes you feel good and that you have accomplished something you love. …It gives you a sense of pride and encouragement. …To everyone who has [a letter jacket], it means more than just a jacket. Other people might…think that person is just cocky and want[s] to show off, but if you really take the time to look at it, you may understand what it means to that person. In the future, I think people just may regret not getting a jacket. …I think it would be cool, someday, to be able to share that with your kids.
– Jessica Casciotti, freshman

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