What You Think – Red, Rhythm and Boom

How will the cancellation of Red, Rhythm and Boom affect students this summer?

Katie Rojas, freshman
“Well, a lot of people go [to Red, Rhythm and Boom], and it’s just kind of like a meeting place for everyone. So, I think… people will be a little disappointed because we all [won’t be able to] meet there and hang out and watch fireworks.”

Morgan Bamberger, senior
“I’ve gone since I was in middle school. …So, it’s been like a tradition to [go to Red, Rhythm and Boom]. …[The cancellation] will just change the tradition.”

Victoria Ellis, junior

“The time at Red, Rhythm and Boom is where we can really be together with our friends and celebrate [July 4] that way, and now we can’t, so we’re going to have to find something better to do, which we probably won’t be able to [find].”

Drew Matula, sophomore
“I always went to [Red, Rhythm and Boom] just be with my friends and [to] have fun. …I don’t think it will affect us too bad[ly]. It’s just another event we won’t be able to go to.”

Kelsey Hairston, senior
“I think it’s going to not give [high school students]…very many things to do. It might make a lot of people shoot off their own fireworks, which could be bad. [Fourth of July] just won’t be as fun, …because I always go [to Red, Rhythm and Boom].”

John Deaton, sophomore
“I think a lot of [people who] go to [Red, Rhythm and Boom] will not be able to party it up. But, I guess [they] can do other stuff instead. I’ve always been out of town during [Red, Rhythm and Boom], but I know a lot of my friends go to it. So, I guess [they’ll] have to [have] a party in its place.”