Column: “Makeup doesn’t mean beauty”

Julia Halpin | Editor Intern

I definitely don’t look like her.

She’s the girl on the cover of Seventeen magazine every month. And she’s quite the opposite of me.

Her legs are about as long as my entire body. I mean, Lord knows I’m nowhere near 5’9”. I chopped off six inches of my brown hair last summer, so it’s not like her shiny blonde hair looks like anything on my head. And do her eyes naturally sparkle like that? It can’t be possible.

Let’s face it: most every girl in this high school thinks the same thing I do when she opens Seventeen magazine. The combination of our appearance-crazed culture and looks-focused media has lead today’s teenage girls to believe that we have to look like these women. I know that the faces plastered on billboards are practically spray-painted with cover-up before they’re photographed. The amount of mascara that girls in advertisements have on their eyelashes is probably a minimum of two tubes, and I am fully aware that their eyes do not naturally sparkle. But, let’s be honest, they look practically perfect.

That’s why seeing a girl who throws all those ideas out the window is entirely refreshing.

Most of us have given in, lining our eyes with that black pencil stuff every morning in hopes that we’ll look decent for our peers that day, but there are girls who don’t wear makeup.

Though I’m not one of those girls, I admire them. With so many girls obsessing over their looks, it’s nice to see some who find themselves naturally beautiful, however cliché that might be. Our moms are always trying to tell us that we don’t need that stuff while every magazine cover is informing us that we do, and the most expensive kind is probably the best.

I think we should start listening to our moms when they feed us lines about how we don’t need makeup. Who established this idea that just because we’re of the female gender, we’re required, nearly obligated to put makeup on every time we leave the house? Going without makeup is not going to make you any less “beautiful” than the girl sitting next to you in class whose face is orange with bronzer. In all honesty, it will make you more beautiful. Mason High School girls, eyeliner does not equal beauty.

The girls at our school who don’t fit painting their faces into their daily routine are few and far between, showing how most of us are subject to whatever Seventeen magazine is trying to tell us.

Go without makeup one day. You might even get a few compliments.