Are you smarter than an academic team member?

Compiled by James Nosek | Staff Writer

Are you smarter than an academic team member? Can you answer the following questions? Answers at the bottom. Questions contributed by coach Thurman Allen.

1. The 1905 Treaty of Portsmouth ended what conflict?
2. What novel by Norman Mailer describes an American division led by General Cummings as they invade a Japanese-held island in the Pacific?
3. If x + 2y = 6 and x – 2y = 3, what is x^2 – 4y^2?
4. To what phylum do human beings belong?
5. What is the common English name of the constellation Aquilia?
6. What is the nickname of the wife of the 36th President of the 1US?
7. What is the last name of the couple who was convicted of passing classified information about the atomic bomb to the Soviets after World War II?
8. In geometry, what does S-A-S mean?
9. What English engineer discovered a process for making steel by removing carbon from molten iron?
10. FIFA (pronounced: FEE-fuh) is the governing body of what international sport?
1. Russo-Japanese (War)
2. (The) Naked and the Dead
3. 18
4. Chordata
5. Eagle
6. Lady Bird (Johnson)
7. (Julius & Ethel) Rosenberg
8. Side, Angle, Side
9. (Henry) Bessemer
10. Soccer