Senior lacrosse player to help build program at San Diego State

Bobby Gibler | Staff Writer

Senior Fal Manns signed with San Diego State University on November 15 and will be playing for its women’s lacrosse team. Manns’ freshman season will also be the college’s first women’s lacrosse season. Manns said her decision to join San Diego State’s lacrosse team stemmed from her club coach’s recommendation.

“My Midwestern Force club coach told me to check out the school, so I contacted [San Diego State’s] coach and sent her my [highlight] video,” Manns said. “[Then,] she said ‘We’d really love for you to come play out here,’ so I visited the college and I loved it.”

Manns said she is expecting difficulty in playing more experienced teams at the college level. According to Manns, this uncertainty is creating some ambiguity in how San Diego State’s team will perform at the beginning of its season next year.

“[Our players are] not [going to be] very strong [because] we’re freshmen,” Manns said. “We’ve never played college sports and we’re going to be up against seniors who have been playing for their entire college career.”

Because she has not met with her teammates in person yet, Manns said that her team has not elected a team captain. According to Manns, this may prove managing time difficult early in the season.

“In high school lacrosse, you could go to [your team captain] to get help if you were struggling with balancing school and lacrosse,” Manns said. “But [in the upcoming season], we may not be able to do that.”

Manns said she has been using Facebook to connect with her teammates before playing with them for the first time on the field.

“There’s a group on Facebook that we’re all in; [so far] there are 10 of us who have committed,” Manns said. “There are two from Florida, a bunch from California and one from Australia. It’s a bunch of different cultures [mixed together] and it’s really interesting to see them all.”

Manns said that the training will be more exhausting than her high school team’s.

“[Workouts] are going to be way more intense, and we’re going to have way more workouts in the off-season [up to] three times per week,” Manns said. “We’ll have ‘fall-ball’, which is condensed indoor lacrosse where you have scrimmages with other college teams.”