What You Think: Teacher privacy

Do students have the right to know about the private investigations of their teachers?

Lauren Frantum, senior
“It depends if it is something that [the teacher] doesn’t want any[one] to know about, like something private. [But,] if it’s something that the students have a right to know [that is] being kept from the students, [it’s] like censorship, which I don’t think is right.”

Emily Stretch, sophomore
“I don’t think it’s any of our business and I think that a teacher’s personal life is not meant to be shared with students.”

Collin Kehoe, freshman
“I believe students have the right to know about private investigations of their teachers because…it affects [the students] that they teach.”

Ryan Grogg, sophomore
“Students should know about the private investigations [of] their teachers so that they can actually know about the person teaching them. …It can help them decide if they can trust the teacher or not.”

Aubrey Ingram, junior
“It’s not really any of [a student’s] business even though it’s their teachers. That’s their personal life and [students should] stay out of it.”

Mehvish Ilyas, junior
“I think that students have the right to know what their teachers are doing because they are teaching you. You…[should] know if they are doing something bad because they can be a role model [for] you.”