Column: Gaga inspires originality in students

Janica Kaneshiro | Staff Writer

Google “Lady Gaga.” The first thing that will most likely pop up is a picture of her in a meat dress. She has her catchy phrases that include “disco stick,” “pa-pa-pa-poker face” and the completely senseless “ro-ma-ro-ma-ma.” What?

But upon hearing about her much-anticipated new single, “Born This Way,” set to be released the night of the Grammys, I started to think perhaps dear old Gaga has a point. Stuck between what seems like utter nonsense and videos that don’t correspond with the already off-beat lyrics, is a message that I’ve even seen in Mason High School: weird is…cool.

Now, I’m not the biggest Gaga fan; just like the next person, I get annoyed when I hear her songs twenty times in an hour of listening to the radio. But when she announced the title of her new single, I had a moment where the existence of Lady Gaga made sense — crazy, right? Millions of Gaga fans are drawn to her uncanny nature and songs because, honestly, we’re all a bit strange on the inside. Gaga sells weird. We’re not talking the same-old-same-old where your teacher said you “stand out” academically. No, we’re talking meat-dress type of standing out. Lady Gaga is representing a new age of popularity — the age of peculiarity.

This new age has even dawned in Mason. The kids around the school who are known to have a great fashion sense are now the kids with the most daring wardrobes. Who dares to wear red with purple, fluorescent blazers, large framed glasses or peacock feathers in their hair? Our very own students we look to for fashion inspiration — that’s who. It’s a trend in Hollywood, and it’s certainly a trend at MHS.

Remember those days when the people who all wore the same shades of navy blue and maroon would patronize anyone who dared step beyond those boundaries and wear, say, polka dots and stripes? Well those days are over. This is freedom at its finest, people. Lady Gaga is the first in a trend that satisfies anyone wanting to come in contact with their inner weirdo. So you wear a frilly pink dress with rain boots and tie a string around your head, in this day and age, that’s completely fine and acceptable. What would seem like a costume in the monochromatic age of Hollister is now cool. Thank you, Gaga.