Staff’s Outside Work

Alyssa Brooks

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Politifact evaluates truthfulness of politicians
DeWitt warns of possible challenges during check-out

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Heart transplant survivor Christina Cinca tells her story
Social media clouds a political enviroment

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Politifact serves as fact checker for presidential election

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Politifact determines if politicians are politically correct

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Florida Staff Writer speaks about Politifact

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Meet Zachary Sayle, one of the stars of “Newsies”

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Duncan MacKenzie

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Ron Johnson speaks about the delicate balance between content and design
They were once just like us
Story Ideas seminar spark ideas in students
New school poses challenges, old hobbies remain the same

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Baked! of Bloomigton: Inside Look

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Eric Miller

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Married students offer a glimpse into their lives

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Gillin’s Politifact receives criticism when rating truthfulness of politicians
DeWitt predicts a smooth check-out process

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Ron Johnson speaks about the delicate balance between content and design
Teachers reflect on time at Ernie Pyle Hall
Cultural experiences influence individual’s world perspective
Students learn to resolve conflicts

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Pokémon Go app posing as a safety hazard and distraction for players

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Politifact to seek truth amidst faux news, presidential campaign rhetoric

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Politifact uncovers lies in presidential election
HSJI counselors prep for check-out

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Social media’s overpowering presence in this year’s election
DeWitt outlines check-out procedures

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