Album Review: Good Intentions

Indranshu Das | Staff Writer

Rating: 9/10

NAV really did not miss with this album. His third studio album, the latest since Bad Habits, has gained plaudits from music fans around the world. I would say that NAV stuck to what he does best–tell stories about how he was a brown boy who had to overcome a lot of challenges to get here. He had a posthumous feature from Pop Smoke, who helped show a different, more melodic side of the rapper. Brown Boy was the heart of the album, as this was as close to getting to know NAV as you can get. Usually we don’t get to see much of NAV outside of producing and working on his music, but in this song we got a different perspective of the Toronto-based rapper who talks about doing whatever it takes to reach the success he aspired as a young kid. His song Turks, the lead single, proved his worth and showed the world that he has the ability to work with the likes of Gunna and Travis Scott. Furthermore, his song with a feature from Future showed how NAV has started to become more of a sidekick of mainstream rappers than just a mere producer. To me, this was one of NAV’s best musical pieces, and it is time that we start taking him seriously in the music business.