Album Review: Kid Krow by Conan Gray

Andrea Hefferan | Managing Editor

Rating: 6/10

After multiple hit singles, artist Conan Gray is debuting his first full length album, Kid Krow. His pre-released singles, Comfort Crowd, Maniac, Checkmate, and The Story were everything I love about Gray’s music: honest, relatable, and catchy. With conversational lyrics and a relatively minimalist sound, listening feels similar to a conversation with a best friend. The way he uses his voice achieves this effect as well; it is very intentional. 

His lyrics perfectly encapsulate the teenage experience. Gray delves into the common experiences of high school throughout, and while I usually dislike interludes, I felt both of the ones here added greatly to the album. Even with this familiarity, the tracks are hit or miss, as some songs, such as Wish You Were Sober or Affluenza, feel like they’ve been sung before. Even though the initial tracks had me looking forward to it, the rest of the tracks felt expected and overdone, leaving me unsatisfied with the project as a whole. 

While Gray’s choice to let his voice take over the songs is fitting to his lyric-oriented music, it leaves the instrumentation feeling repetitive at times. Gray is definitely more experimental than he has been in the past, which is shown in tracks like Fight or Flight, where the sudden stops in the song made it stand out from his typical style, but as some of these risks paid off, others did not. While the lyrics present Gray’s story in a refreshingly honest way, the sound left something to be desired, making this an enjoyable album that didn’t quite live up to the expectations Gray set for himself.