K-9 Officer Orion Patrolling the Halls of MHS

Abby Miller | Staff Writer

Dogs – they steal people’s hearts and are irresistible to stay away from. 

But, besides the furry friends that most of us are used to, there are also K-9 or service dogs, here at MHS. According to campus safety Officer Karli Dyer, it’s important to know the difference between a K-9 and a therapy dog, as well as understand a K-9’s role.

“We just ask that you be cautious around the dog, as far as running straight up to it and wanting to pet it,” said Dyer. “Not saying the dog can’t be petted, but ask the officer first, before you even begin to start reaching for the dog.”

Along with asking if it’s okay to pet the dog, students can also be able to recognize and distinguish if it is a K-9, by seeing who it is with. 

“When it’s out, it’s usually only when a police officer has it,” Dyer said. “Police officers are not going to walk around with therapy dogs.”

To Dyer, it’s important for the dog to be able to do its job, and for students to understand who the dogs are and their purpose. 

“Police K-9 dogs, tend to be more protective of their owners, or their handlers, and they’re more on alert because they’re at work,” said Dyer. “…People tend to just want to automatically, especially when they see a lab … to just cuddle it to death. Which, they will be able to, but they need to make that first step first, of asking, ‘hey, do you mind if I pet your dog?’”

Video produced by Eugenio Villareal Manrique.