Finding unrelated twins in hallways

Janie Simonton | Staff Writer The popular sitcom How I Met Your Mother defines them as dopplegangers. Other popular terms include “twin,” “double” and “duplicate.” For sophomore Courtney Wilson, seeing her “twin,” freshman Mallory Pontius, is “like looking in a mirror.”

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Mapping out our futures

Rachel Schowalter | Staff Writer The William Mason High School Class of 2010 is made up of over 750 students. In the coming year, these students will disperse throughout the country in pursuit of their futures — residing in more than 30 states, 107 cities and 150 colleges.

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Jessica Kantor | Staff Writer Two students at the University of Miami (FL) have created a website where incoming college freshmen from high schools across the country can find a “random roommate” on their own: Students create profiles similar to ones created on dating websites to communicate with other members about rooming together based on survey results taken by […]

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Who is God?

Julia Halpin | Staff Writer The discussion of religion is one that comes up in almost every conversation. Whether it’s a science class conversation about Darwinism or a literary analysis in English, religion is an inevitable debate. Under the concept of religion is the idea of God or some sort of belief in an ultimate power. Various students in Mason High […]

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Historical grand piano donated to MHS Choral Department

Carlie Sack | Staff Writer A grand piano, with an estimated value of $6,000, was donated to Mason City Schools Performing Arts Department on March 22. Mason residents Carolyn and John Gruber donated this piano in the name of their daughters, Ashley and Samantha, who attend Mason City Schools, but are not involved in the performing arts.

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2011 Spring Break dates change

Rachel Schowalter | Staff Writer Spring Break for the Mason City School District will be moved to the last week of March for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 school years. This earlier date may change Mason families’ travel plans because of colder weather. According to Debbie Delp, President of the Mason City School Board of Education, the decision to move Spring […]

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