Show Review: OUter Banks

Alana Amaya | Staff Writer

The official Outer Banks show poster from Netflix

Rating: 5/5 stars

Being trapped in quarantine made the Outer Banks of North Carolina seem even more like the dream life that you have always wanted. Set on an island that appears to be a “paradise on Earth,” Outer Banks focuses on a close teenage group of friends called the “Pogues” who get themselves wrapped up in a dangerous treasure hunt. The show is currently blowing up over social media, and I can see why. The determination and loyalty shown throughout the show in this friend group were very shocking, the lengths that these friends took for each other showed the care that they truly had for one another. There was a lot of character development and growth that I admired, as I saw it in people in the show that I didn’t expect much from, such as Sarah Cameron. This show’s action keeps you on your toes with the rivalry between the ¨Pogues¨ and ¨Kooks¨, unwealthy vs. wealthy, leaving you constantly wondering of their next move.  There was a perfect mix between action, romance, and drama that one hopes for in a show of this genre. Every episode flowed into the next, keeping me tied into the characters’ search for $400 million of the hidden treasure, leading them to an adventure with a murder mystery and fatal consequences. This has honestly been one of my favorite shows that I’ve watched in quarantine and it exceeded the expectations I had for it.