Opinion: Tik Tok takes on coronavirus

Anushka Mukherjee | Staff Writer

Of all the videos I have seen on Tik Tok regarding the vicious coronavirus epidemic, I noticed one common theme: young individuals are embracing death with each new outbreak of life-threatening events. 

Whether it be the potential for WWIII or climate change or even a killer disease, a majority of teenagers seem more than happy with the idea of the human population ceasing to exist. 

Being a teenager myself, I understand what causes these 3:00 am Tik Tok videos to go viral. Burdened by the trauma that is life, we are looking for an escape. 

The “likes” on videos where people joke about dying are people who are suffering through some end-all crisis. And it’s understandable, really, I mean look at the state of our world. 

Countries are preparing for war, people are dying of severe illnesses, riots in the name of religion, etc. Our planet has become a breeding ground for dysfunctional individuals. No wonder they dream of finding ways to end their lives. Who would even want to live in a world where the so-called hope for a better future is dying? 

I believe that our generation has seen so many perturbing events in the past few months that they have become numb to all emotions. So much so that they are losing motivation to wake up every day. 

A majority of the issues in our society are being roused by people who are acting on age-old morals that don’t meld with today’s world. Our generation has the potential to begin the healing process and save the world that is ours. Yes, it may seem like we are cleaning up others’ messes, but so what. At the end of the day what matters is that we find a safe place to land. 

We have access to a vast pool of social platforms that can provide us a way to communicate with each other to try and solve the problems of today’s world. Instead of shrugging off these vile incidents as others’ messes, we have a chance to do something about it. 

Teenagers complain all the time saying that they wish they could do something about an issue, but then make excuses saying they don’t have time or resources or knowledge or whatever it may be. What we don’t realize is that we have no boundaries holding us back but the once we draw for ourselves. 

I’m not telling you to quit school and become some vigilante who fixes the world by taking out the bad guys. I’m asking you to think about where you stand in the midst of all this chaos. I’m asking you to open your eyes and see the suffering behind closed curtains. 

I’m asking you to start being human again.